Thrive MSP 2040

One Vision, One Metropolitan Region

Thrive MSP 2040 is the vision for our region over the next 30 years. It reflects our concerns and aspirations, anticipates future needs in the region, and addresses our responsibility to future generations. 

About Thrive MSP

Under state law, the Council prepares a long-range plan for the Twin Cities region every 10 years. These policies also drive the systems and policy plans developed by the Council: the Transportation Policy Plan, the Water Resources Policy Plan, the Regional Parks Policy Plan, and the Council’s first Housing Policy Plan update in nearly 30 years.

Our region’s investments provide an important economic foundation so all residents of the region can prosper. Transportation, jobs, community development, affordable housing – these are the bricks-and-mortar basics that make other things possible.

Comment on draft plan by April 28

The Council has released a draft of the Thrive MSP 2040 plan for public comment. We need to hear from you!  Public comment will be accepted through 5 p.m., Monday, April 28.

Public hearings April 10, 16 

  • Thursday, April 10, 5 p.m., F.T. Heywood Office Building, Chambers, 560 Sixth Avenue North, Minneapolis

  • Wednesday, April 16, 5 p.m., Metropolitan Council Chambers, 390 Robert Street North, St. Paul

All interested persons are encouraged to attend the public hearings and offer comments. Those attending may register in advance to speak by calling the Council at 651-602-1140.*

Choice, Place and Opportunity: An Equity Assessment of the Twin Cities Region

In support of the Thrive MSP 2040 process, the Council has conducted an equity assessment of the Twin Cities region, as required by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Called Choice, Place and Opportunity: An Equity Assessment of the Twin Cities Region, this analysis answers questions related to the region’s opportunities, distribution and access to those opportunities, and how the Thrive MSP 2040 plan should structure public investments to assure residents can access opportunities equitably.
The analysis has been developed in phases, including a data analysis phase and inclusion of related recommendations in the Thrive MSP 2040 document.
*Note: If you do not understand or speak English and plan to attend a meeting, please leave a message at 651-602-1500 at least 1 week in advance of the meeting to request an interpreter.

Yog tias koj tsis nkag siab lossis hais tsis tau lus Askiv thiab npaj koom lub rooj sab laj, caw xa xov rau ntawm 651-602-1500 yam tsawg 1 lim tiam ua ntej ntawm lub rooj sab laj txhawm rau thov ib tug neeg txhais lus.

Hadii aadan fahmin ama aadan ku hadlin Ingiriiska oo aad qorshaynayso inaad xaadirto kulan, fadlan fariin ku reeb 651-602-1500 ugu yaraan 1 asbuuc ka hor kulanka si aad u codsato turjumaan.

Si usted no habla inglés o no lo entiende y piensa asistir a una reunión, sírvase dejar un  mensaje en el teléfono 651-602-1500 al menos una semana antes de la reunión para solicitar un intérprete.

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