Wastewater & Water: Contact Us

Contact information is arranged by environmental topic. If you do not see a contact listed for your question, please contact general information by email or call our general switchboard at 651.602.1000.

Topic Contact Phone
General MCES Information
General Questions/Information & Sewer Construction Tim O'Donnell 651.602.1269
MCES General Manager Leisa Thompson 651.602.1131
Bid Documents Miriam Lopez-Rieth 651.602.1095
Odor Complaints (available 24 hours) Odor Response Line 651.290.6757
Sewer Backups Regional Maintenance 651.602.4500
Sewer Spill Reporting Minnesota State Duty Officer 800.422.0798
Environmental Education
Tours, Speakers Linda Henning 651.602.1279
Rates and Budgets
Accounts Payable/Receivable Chris Houser 651.602.1189
Finance Management John Atkins 651.602.1020
Industrial Charges/Permit Fees Bob Pohlman 651.602.4710
Sewer Availability Charge Jessica Nye 651.602.1378
Sewer Bills Ned Smith 651.602.1162
Sewer Flow Volume Kyle Colvin 651.602.1151
Regional Wastewater System
Air Quality Monitoring Kent Johnson 651.602.8117
Biosolids Management Mike Mereness 651.602.8296
Chemical Disposal Mark Pierson 651.602.4707
Chemical Right-to-Know Mike Nevala 651.602.1065
Compliance Mary Gail Scott 651.602.1073
Dumping/Landfill Info Mike Nevala 651.602.1065
Easements/Right-of-Way Jeanne Matross 651.602.1108
GIS/Interceptor Capital Project Maps Lori Sand 651.602.4516
Groundwater/Landfill Leachate Disposal Michael Flaherty 651.602.4715
Household Hazardous Waste Peter Berglund 651.602.4708
Inflow/Infiltration - Flow Information Kyle Colvin 651.602.1151
Industrial Strength Charge Bob Pohlman 651.602.4710
Industrial Waste Discharge Permits Cynthia O'Sell 651.602.4718
Laboratory Services Dave Fuchs 651.602.8135
Metering-Community Sanitary Sewer Pat Payne 651.602.4319
Research and Development Larry Rogacki 651.602.8225
Sewer and Lift Stations Regional Maintenance Dispatch 651.602.4511
Septage Disposal Laura Engen 651.602.4712
Connection and Location Pete Owens 651.602.4535
Effluent (Wastewater) Julianne Rantala 651.602.1011
Emissions (Air) Glenn Giefer 651.602.1193
... Solid Waste
... Hazardous Waste
Mike Nevala 651.602.1065
Water Resource Management
Surface Water Management Judy Sventek 651.602.1156
Water Quality Monitoring Kent Johnson 651.602.8117
...Riverbed Sediment Monitoring Tim Pattock 651.602.8084
...Lakes Monitoring Brian Johnson 651.602.8743
...Streams Monitoring (click for specific streams) Leigh Harrod
Casandra Champion
Scott Haire
Mike Ahlf
Water Supply Planning Ali Elhassan 651.602.1066
Watershed Management Coordination Judy Sventek 651.602.1156
Industrial Waste and Pollution Prevention
Spills or Emergencies MN State Duty Officer 651.649.5451
Short-Term Industrial Discharge Requests
- <12 months discharge requests
Tim Rothstein 651.602.4724
Long-Term Industrial Discharge Requests
- >12 months, discharge requests
- determine the IW engineer assigned to an existing MCES permit
Michael Flaherty 651.602.4715
Industrial Discharge Permit Requests
- General information for new industrial discharge   permits
Cynthia O'Sell 651.602.4718
Groundwater & Leachate Discharges
- Short-term and long-term discharge requests
Michael Flaherty 651.602.4715
Liquid Waste Haulers Laura Engen 651.602.4712
General Data Requests Bob Pohlman 651.602.4710
Industrial Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) Bob Pohlman or
Paul Neubauer
IWPP General Email Address/Phone Number Kimberly Anez 651.602.4703
IWPP Fax Number   651.602.4730