Housing Policy Plan

Housing Policy Plan adopted 

The Council's 2040 Housing Policy Plan (144 pages, PDF) was adopted on December 10, 2014. 

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The Housing Policy Plan process 

In support of Thrive MSP 2040, the Metropolitan Council is writing a new regional Housing Policy Plan, its first since 1985. The purpose of this planning process is to provide a forum to discuss regional housing issues and

  • Advance and refine the Council’s housing policy direction as defined in Thrive MSP 2040

  • Facilitate a meaningful, inclusive regional conversation on housing;

  • Identify local and regional needs and priorities for housing;

  • Promote housing options that give people in all life stages and of all economic means viable choices for safe, stable and affordable homes;

  • Connect housing to the other Council system plans (e.g. Transportation, Regional Parks, and Water Resources);

  • Incorporate recommendations from Choice, Place and Opportunity:  An Equity Assessment of the Twin Cities Region;

  • Provide a “toolkit” of best practices, strategies and technical assistance to local communities;

  • Help inform and provide guidance for local housing planning.

The planning process reflects genuine collaboration between policy makers, practitioners, advocates, elected officials, citizens, community groups, and other stakeholders. Learn more about the Housing Policy Plan Work Group.