Housing Policy Plan


Seniors riding recumbent bikes in front of multi-family housing.About the Housing Policy Plan
The Council's 2040 Housing Policy Plan was adopted on December 10, 2014.    

The 2040 Housing Policy Plan describes multiple strategies that advance the Metropolitan Council's overall housing policy priority: Create housing options that give people in all stages of life and of all economic means viable choices for safe, stable and affordable homes.

The Council developed the Housing Policy Plan to provide leadership and guidance on regional housing needs and challenges, and to support Thrive MSP 2040, the regional development guide adopted by the Council in May 2014.

Our Housing Policy Plan addresses housing challenges greater than any one city, or county can tackle alone. It recognizes that the future’s increasingly complex housing issues demand more innovative strategies and greater collaboration. With both statutory responsibilities and local opportunities, local governments play a key role in translating regional policy and priorities into effective implementation within local housing markets; one size does not fit all.

Next Steps

To fully implement this plan, the Council has more work to do, including finalizing changes to the Allocation of Affordable Housing Need, the Housing Performance Scores, and the Council’s strategy for reviewing the housing elements of local comprehensive plan updates. In 2015, the Council will formally amend this plan, including a formal public comment process. 

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The new regional development guide, Thrive MSP 2040, sets the policy foundations for systems and policy plans developed by the Council. In addition to our Housing Policy Plan, the Transportation Policy Plan, the Water Resources Policy Plan, and the Regional Parks Policy Plan are now available.