Choice, Place and Opportunity

An equity assessment of the Twin Cities region

Choice, Place and Opportunity: An equity assessment of the Twin Cities region - Executive Summary March 2014 (pdf)

In support of the Thrive MSP 2040 initiative, the equity assessment seeks to answer key questions related to opportunity within our region.  Key questions include

  • What is opportunity? Access to jobs and good schools? To clean and safe neighborhoods? To social services, basic necessities and amenities?

  • How are opportunities distributed across the region? Can all residents, especially those who live in racially concentrated areas of poverty (RCAPs),  access these opportunities equally regardless of their race and income?

  • How can we structure the region’s public investments to make sure all residents can access opportunities?


The data analysis phase identified the region’s RCAPs, examined what opportunity means for the region’s residents, and consulted with stakeholders and project partners to identify various indicators of opportunity. This information was used to categorize the region’s communities based on the opportunities they offer, and to create maps that display and communicate the results of this analysis. 

See a map of the region's RCAPs with more information (pdf)

RCAP map; link to larger pdf map.

See a map of the region's Opportunity clusters with more information (pdf) 

Section 8: Metropolitan Council's Policy Responses

Section 9: Policy Responses from Across the Region

Section 10:  Next Steps


This report was submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in March 2014, as a requirement of the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant that funded this initiative.

See an 8-page Summary of Choice, Place and Opportunity: An equity assessment of the Twin Cities Region (8 pages, pdf).

Next steps

Ongoing outreach and engagement in the community will continue throughout 2014.