Regional Parks Policy Plan

The Council adopted the 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan on February 11, 2015. 

Man running on regional trail.

A complex Regional Parks System requires coordinated policies and strategies. The 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan lays out the goals for the development of the Regional Parks System and the strategies designed to meet these goals, which include: 

  • Expanding the Regional Parks System to conserve, maintain, and connect natural resources identified as being of high quality or having regional importance. 

  • Providing a comprehensive regional park and trail system that preserves high-quality natural resources, increases climate resiliency, fosters healthy outcomes, connects communities, and enhances quality of life in the region.

  • Promoting expanded, multimodal access to regional parks, regional trails, and the transit network, where appropriate.

  • Strengthening equitable use of regional parks and trails by all our region’s residents, such as across age, race, ethnicity, income, national origin, and ability.

Making sure parks are attractive to everyone is a key goal

The equity outcome described in Thrive MSP 2040 is a new direction for the Council. The 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan strives to build upon the existing good work of our partners to advance equity by committing to several strategies designed to strengthen equitable use of the Regional Park System. A study conducted by Council staff in 2014 (pdf), along with feedback from 400 individuals across the region, informed and refined the strategies outlined in our 2040 plan. 

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