Livable Communities Demonstration Account

The Livable Communities Demonstration Account (LCDA) funds innovative (re)development projects that efficiently link housing, jobs, services, and transit in an effort to create inspiring and lasting Livable Communities. Grants are available to fund basic public infrastructure and site assembly.

What makes a Livable Community?

This is where you come in.  We can’t tell you how to innovate and inspire; we can’t tell you what brings your community to life.  Of the 243 LCDA grants (totaling more than $130 million) that funded projects in 67 cities, no two have been identical.  Successful LCDA projects:

  • Connect housing, jobs, civic sites, retail centers and local/regional transportation systems.

  • Demonstrate a variety of housing densities, types & costs, creative placemaking, environmentally sensitive development, and compact land use.

  • Catalyze additional development that efficiently uses land and infrastructure, and supports vibrant, diverse communities.

Previously funded project elements include street improvements, plazas, parks, demolition, design, development plans, implementation techniques, market studies, storm water management, zoning, land acquisition, master plans, utility relocation, site assembly and reconstruction.

Applicant Resources
Applications for the Council's 2015 LCDA grant program will be available shortly after the Council approves the 2015 Fund Distribution Plan, currently anticipated to be at the March 25th Council meeting. To help applicants formulate their applications, the Council is offering the following training opportunities:

2015 Workshops

Workshops for LCDA and LCA-TOD applications will be held ‚Äčat Council headquarters (need directions and parking information?) on April 1st and 2nd. 

A new workshop format is being offered that features one-on-one consultation time with LCDA and LCA-TOD program staff to discuss the application/evaluation process and details of individual proposed projects. Applicants and staff will discuss how the project vision and components relate to LCA program goals.

The workshop sessions will be 45 minutes long and will be scheduled from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Wednesday and Thursday, April 1st and 2nd. Eligible applicants along with the developer and consultant partners involved in preparing LCA applications this year are encouraged to attend. Please go to to schedule your April 1 workshop session, or for April 2 sessions.

The LCDA and LCA TOD process schedules will be posted on the Council's website Following Council approval of the Fund Distribution Plan. Project concept plans, which are required for both programs, will be due on May 1st and full applications will be due July 1st. 


Application Materials

2015 materials will not differ substantially from those posted below, which may be used as reference until 2015 versions are ready. 

Project Concept Plan

PCP materials are due to the Council by May 1st.  

LCDA Development Application

Development applications will be accepted only through the Council's new online application

Reference Materials and Contact Information