Connecting downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul

The Central Corridor links five major centers of activity in the Twin Cities region: downtown Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota, the Midway area, the State Capitol complex and downtown St. Paul. The line is being built on 11 miles of exclusive right of way between downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis, with much of the route along University Avenue. 

Central Corridor (Green Line) route map.
Click on the map above for a larger version, or view a PDF route map

When it begins service in 2014 as the Green Line, its eastern terminus will be at Union Depot Station in downtown St. Paul. It will connect with the Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT) at the Metrodome Station and terminate at the Minneapolis multimodal station that will also serve the Northstar commuter rail line. Passengers will access the Green Line via 18 new stations, plus five stations shared with the Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT) in downtown Minneapolis.

Route Animations

Three animations showing LRT operations and traffic interactions along different parts of the Green Line. 

Downtown St. Paul

Animation of the Central Corridor LRT line from 5th and Cedar to the Maintenance facility.

Victoria to State Capitol

Animation of the Central Corridor LRT from Victoria Station to the Capitol Area.

Washington Avenue & University of Minnesota 

Animation of the western end of the Central Corridor LRT line through the University of Minnesota Campus.

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