Why and how to conserve water

The Twin Cities is growing and the demand for water continues to increase.  There is enough water in the short-term, but long-term projections predict potentially significant impacts to aquifers if water continues to be consumed at current rates.
There is hope – the water forecast does not need to be doom and gloom.  Residents, businesses, water suppliers, and elected officials can work together to save water.  Enough water for our region to simultaneously grow and become more water efficient.

These water conservation pages have been created by the Metropolitan Council specifically for Twin Cities metropolitan area residents.  Use these links to learn more about water issues in the news, the sources of water in each community, ideas for water conservation, ideas for water conservation programs, and much more.

When you’re ready to get started with learning how to conserve water, click on the Toolbox link to the left.  But first, take a minute to learn why water conservation is so important by scanning through the boxes below. 

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Water Supply and Conservation Talk in the News

“Shut It Off” Music Video Helps Send Water Conservation Message

You’ll enjoy this short video parody! Link to story
Source: South Washington County Telecommunications Commission, Merrill Community Arts Center, City of Woodbury Communications Division

Exploring Water Conservation Messaging Strategies

You may be surprised at what encourages people to conserve water Link to story
Source: CityLab

Native Plants are a Hit in Burnsville

Check out this easy way to reduce irrigation and fertilizer use Link to story
Source: StarTribune