METRO Red Line (Cedar Avenue) Bus Rapid Transit

Cedar Avenue BRT route map

The METRO Red Line (Cedar Avenue BRT) extends 11 miles south from the Mall of America in Bloomington, through Eagan and Apple Valley. The full Cedar Avenue Transitway extends an additional five miles to County Highway 70 in Lakeville. More than 155,000 vehicles travel Cedar Avenue daily, a number expected to double over the next 20 years as growth along the corridor continues.

The METRO Red Line is the second to operate in the region’s METRO system. More about the METRO system.

The first phase of service includes five stations, starting at the Apple Valley Transit Station and ending at the Mall of America, where it connects with the METRO Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT). Future phases may extend the transitway service to Lakeville. Express bus service – serving Lakeville, Apple Valley, and Eagan – will continue in the corridor. Local bus routes have been restructured to coordinate with METRO Red Line service. 

About the METRO Red Line BRT 

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