Getting involved

Our region will grow and become increasingly diverse over the next 30 years. Our challenge is to maintain and enhance the region’s quality of life as we prepare for growth. Everyone has a stake in that goal. We encourage you to participate in the discussion and decision-making process.

Inform yourself

Join online conversations

Please review our social media statement.

Express yourself

Share your view on issues the Council is debating

You may also comment on agenda items at committee meetings and on general matters under the purview of the Council at any full Council meeting.

Attend Council events and meetings

All Council and Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Videos of most meetings are available live or on demand. You can help shape your community's future by attending meetings on land use, transit, or environmental issues. See Council and committee meetings, minutes and agendas.

Public input is welcome at meetings. It's best to comment on specific agenda items at the appropriate Council standing or advisory committee, rather than at meetings of the full Council. Time is reserved at the beginning of each full Council meeting for people to provide input on non-agenda items.

How to comment on Council issues

The Council regularly receives formal public comment on planning documents and policy plans. To comment on these plans, 

  • Write to Metropolitan Council Public Information at 390 Robert St. N., St. Paul, MN 55101

  • Email Metropolitan Council Public Information at

  • Record a comment on the Public Comment Line at 651.602.1500 (TTY 651.291.0904)

  • Fax the Metropolitan Council Public Information at 651.602.1464

Contact your Council member

Council members welcome citizen input. Contact your Council member to share your opinions or concerns. A phone call, letter or email message can make difference. See Council members contact information.

Upcoming Events
  • Council Member Work Session Oct. 27

    Metropolitan Council Members will hold a Work Session on the 2040 Transportation Policy Plan.

    Date: 10/27/2014
    Time: 2:00 PM
    Location: Heywood Office Chambers,
    560 N. 6th Avenue, Minneapolis

    More Details
  • Industrial Pretreatment Incentive Program public hearing is November 18

    Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) will conduct a public hearing to provide information and receive public comment on a proposed program that will provide a partnership and incentive to help high-strength wastewater producers develop pretreatment facilities (e.g. anaerobic digestion) on their industrial sites.

    Date: 11/18/2014
    Time: 2:00 PM
    Location: Metropolitan Council Chambers
    390 North Robert Street, Saint Paul, MN

    More Details