Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (DBE)

The Metropolitan Council receives funding for projects and procurements from several sources, including federal funding from the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Both the US DOT and the EPA require their fund recipients to have a DBE Program. The DBE program is a project for increasing the participation of women and minority owned businesses in the award of federally assisted contracts. See a list of contracting opportunities at the Council.  The methods of administering these two federally mandated programs are very similar; many policies, procedures and program functions for these programs are identical. Program differences are identified below. 


US DOT and Transit Projects

Federal funds from the US DOT are used for Transit Projects including the construction of Light Rail lines or the building of bus garages and parking structures. See specific policies for the DBE Program for Transit Programs.

EPA and Environmental Service (ES) Projects 

Federal Funds from the EPA are used for ES Projects including wastewater treatment operations and repair of wastewater treatment facilities. See specific policies for the DBE Program for Environmental Service Projects.


On occasion the Council passes federal funds to other projects to other governmental entities or subrecipients.  Subrecipients who receive funding from the Council are also obligated to comply with requirements of the federal funding source. 

The DBE Directory

The DBE directory lists firms certified by the MNUCP as DBE Businesses, is updated biweekly. Businesses in this directory can be based in any state, but are certified to work in Minnesota. Find detailed information for each firm by searching the MNUCP DBE Directory

See more about the WBE/MBE requirements for the DBE Program for Environmental Service Projects.